Confirm the known. Discover the unknown.

Mynd is the most advanced AI-enabled context mining platform, for reliable strategic insights.

Unsupervised AI driven context mining leads to unbiased discovery and insights for trustworthy strategic decisions

AI enabled unsupervised context mining

Mynd is a unique context mining platform. It applies an in-house developed topic modeling engine on textual data from any possible data source. Unsupervised analysis of massive amount of documents results in unbiased insights and the discovery of the unknowns.


  • Cross industry research for technology mapping
  • Gaining hidden consumer insights from public fora
  • Anticipating the big shift: future scenario building
AI enabled unsupervised context mining - Mynd
Quantified insights, smart metrics and unexpected correlations - Mynd

Quantified insights, smart metrics and unexpected correlations

Quantifying insights are a solid basis for sound decision taking. Our smart metrics and visualisations are designed to efficiently discover emerging topics, non-trivial correlations and to compare trends. Reliable quantified insights are what really matter.


  • Weak signal detection
  • Visualize patterns in tailor-made heat maps
  • Discover hidden correlations

Based on 20+ years of research expertise in various industries

Mynd is built by users for users. Our solution shares 20+ years of proven research-based strategic consultancy by Creax. It is the result of vast expertise in intelligence gathering and the unmet need for tools alike for fast, complete, multi-source and unbiased discovery.


  • Access to a large team of expert users
  • Practice-based roadmap for continuous development
  • Tailored support
Mynd is built by users for users. Our solution shares 20+ years of proven research-based strategic consultancy by Creax.

Use cases

Mynd offers a wide variety of possible applications for business intelligence and discovery.

Technologies evolve at the speed of light. It is vital to discover new technologies, understand the dynamics and drivers to stay ahead of competition.

Fieldmap - Model for Self driving cars

Identifying new applications and markets is a vital – yet complex – exercise to grow your business. However, many hints are to be discovered in the growing amount of technical and public data.

Scout for new markets and playing fields in technical literature. Understand your customers: reveal their hidden needs from context mining public fora.

The plurality of trends doesn’t exactly make it easier to decide on the next big shift for your company. Being able to identify, understand and quantify them helps to build reliable future scenarios and make the right decisions.

Over 3 million patents are published worldwide on a yearly basis. Somewhere, someone already solved your problem. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Discover what you can learn from other domains and industries.

Competition is fears, global and comes from all sides. Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What are the interests and directions they are headed for? What are potential disruptors? The answers to those questions let you anticipate timely and stay ahead.

How does the IP landscape look like? Are there any potential infringements and where are white space opportunities? Find opportunities to strengthen your IP.

Empower your researchers

Mynd combines unsupervised context mining and human feedback; and empowers the human intelligence with artificial intelligence for unbiased research. Get inspired by the discovery of new and groundbreaking insights.

Learn from others

Data is abundant, accessible, but often unstructured. Mynd takes advantage of existing knowledge to avoid re-invention and gain strategic insights. Be amazed by the astonishing new insights you will discover and learn from others.

Decide with confidence

Mynd transforms data into quantified and groundbreaking insights, and builds the solid ground for fact-based, strategic decision taking. We confirm the known and discover the unknown.

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